Manuel Antonio National Park is the biggest park in Costa Rica and is also one of the most amazing and visited places in Costa Rica. The region has been a vacationer and recreation jungle for a long excursion trips and offers many recreational activities like rock climbing, untamed life spotting, waterway boating, sea kayaking, covering zip lining, sports fishing, surfing, and more.

The region has everything aside from golf. In any case, even that is no big deal as the Los Suenos Resort has been home to one of Costa Rica's best courses, which is an hour away from Manuel Antonio.

Over the years the Manuel Antonio real estate has gained much prominence because it is now offering great residential and commercial properties for sale even to the non-residents of Costa Rica. Many cafeterias and traveler shops incorporate the seven-kilometer street between the town of Quepos and the recreation area entrance. This street winds through the rainforest-clad slopes, giving admittance to top-of-the-line store inns and isolated extravagance homes.

The residential properties that are in Manuel Antonio town are of better quality. There are also available many holiday homes, condos, luxury apartments, and bungalows for sale at very good prices.

This entire region is about extravagant homes on confidential land more than anything. Genuine oceanfront living in Manuel Antonio is not a suitable choice.

Costa Rica has many guidelines to safeguard its seashores. Something like it is prohibited to create a structure up to 50 meters from the elevated tide line. In Manuel Antonio, this applies, albeit most seashores are inside the public park, making any inquiry of improvement a disputable issue, in any case.

So, summing up the property purchasing experience in Manuel Antonio, the central issues to recollect are these:


The region is sufficiently close to San Jose and the worldwide air terminal to make for simple road trips.


The region includes safeguarded timberlands and wildernesses spreading down the mountainsides to the sea. This doesn't permit a lot of space for development.

Home sorts due to geology, most homes are prudent, stowed away undertakings in the slopes sitting above the sea. This implies executioner sees. The region has one of the most outstanding extravagance getaway home business sectors in the country.

Convenience and administration. Manuel Antonio has numerous cafés, both down close to the recreation area and along the way to Quepos. Many of the lavish inns have their extraordinary cafés too that non-visitors can utilize. Quepos is perfect for every day administrations and shopping, additionally Jaco toward the north, and San Jose on the odd event.


The Manuel Antonio region sees a Ton of downpours. This is a significant truth to recognize. That rich wilderness, home to every one of those monkeys that drop by your home, exists in light of the downpour. The dry season runs from December to April, however, outside those months anticipate downpours most evenings. This is not something terrible, however, admonished is forearmed.